Take the Pledge: #GoGreen

Take the Pledge: #GoGreen

As the world wakes up to the fact that plastic is devastating our beautiful planet, there is a massive movement to Say No to Plastics. This movement has been backed by the major supermarkets and we can literally feel the momentum as savy consumers are getting on board fast. It seems literally overnight plastic straws are almost a thing of the past as these have been replaced by paper straws.


As retailers we are set with the task of eliminating the use of plastic, this we can not achieve overnight BUT we can help to push the movement forward by pushing forward by making new choices and help rid the planet of all forms of unnecessary plastic that is found in our oceans, landfills, and environment. No other market sector has come under such great pressure as the supermarkets as they are not doing enough to cut plastic waste. We have seen pressure from consumers backed by the Government through the implementation of the charge on carrier bags, which has been welcomed by many.


Over the last decade consumers and businesses are now aware of recycling and new eco products that are now available, there is a genuine concern for our planet and the devastation plastic is causing. As business owners there is constant pressure from the public for them to do their bit and consumers are genuinely choosing to shop with businesses who genuinely offer sustainable eco friendly alternatives.


Here at the Retail Factory we are ready to do our bit as we are truly worried about the future of our planet too and the devastation we will be causing for future generations. Out teams now actively search for new eco friendly products to offer to our customers so you can buy with confidence such as eco and biodegradable packaging such as parcel bags, carrier bags, mannequins, till rolls, toners and more.


For example when we set out to develop a Cost Effective ECO MANNEQUIN RANGE our aim was to create a product that offered high quality, strength and creative style. Our new Eco Range is made from fully recycled material and is also 99% recyclable, they come with a paint finish in matt or gloss.


As a company it is part of our research process to source the best possible cost effective alternatives and we are open to correspondence from suppliers who can offer new alternative products.


As business owners we need to do our bit for the environment as doing nothing is not an option. In the last year we have seen a positive movement towards a greener future but we all need to get onboard now so permanent damage is now

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