Why Sports Mannequins Are Essential For the New Normal

Why Sports Mannequins Are Essential For the New Normal

If you run a small business in the sports or clothing sector, sports mannequins are the essential retail display item that you need to get hold of right now. The traditional boost to the fitness industry usually comes after the overindulgence of Christmas, but the Covid-19 lockdown has led to a new normal for the way we exercise and this could benefit your business.


People are exercising at home more than ever for a host of different reasons, and this brings an opportunity. Now is the time to show off your sportswear and sporting equipment so it grabs the attention of shoppers. They are looking to buy into this market for the first time potentially, so you need a visually arresting sports mannequin display to tempt them into your shop and away from the traditional big-name sports retailers. 


Here is why this rich seam has appeared and how you can take advantage by creating your ideal sports mannequin display.


Uncertainty Over Post Lockdown Rules


One of the only constants in the government lockdown instructions was the fact that you could leave your home to exercise. Gyms closed, as did swimming pools and all other public exercise spaces, at the start of the pandemic, so those looking to keep fit had to find other ways to exert themselves.


As the country began to reopen, it wasn’t always clear which activities and sectors were back in business. People could go to the pub, visit other families’ homes and get back to shopping, but they couldn’t hit the running and rowing machines, and this led to some confusion.


Even after gyms did open their doors, facilities in some areas of the country had to close again as they faced local lockdowns to control spikes in coronavirus cases. There are also a host of gyms that theoretically could open, but which have not been able to prove that they can adhere to the Covid-secure rules yet. This uncertainty has led to people taking matters into their own hands and recreating their favoured workouts at home. 


Changes to the Gym Experience


Even members of those gyms that aren’t subject to stricter localised rules might be tempted to ditch their subscription. The experience of going to the gym is still very different from how it was before Covid-19, and it is unclear how long it will remain so.


Gym goers have to book ahead for limited spaces in the facility and, when there, there are fewer options available for work outs, classes are reduced and you need to use up some of your restricted time cleaning machines before and after use. As well as the inconveniences, some members just simply aren’t ready to return to exercising in enclosed public spaces at the moment.


In order to tempt these people into your store, you should show them that you can offer them an exercise experience that they can indulge in at any time they like and without having to worry about the actions of other users. Create your sports mannequins display to show off the exercise clothing that you carry as well as any gym equipment you stock. Show them what they can do in the privacy and safety of their own home whenever they feel like it, without having to make and stick to strict reservations. 


The Joe Wicks Effect


For some people, the PE with Joe Wicks sessions streamed by the Body Coach over lockdown might have been their first foray into regular exercise. Many will drift away from working out now that Wicks has stopped his live shows, but some will have a taste for it and want to take their exercising to a new level.


These will not necessarily be people used to shopping at the well known sports retailers, and so your shop could be the first place they find on their quest to take workouts more seriously. A sports mannequin showing off a complete outfit and how to accessorise it will give them the confidence to buy gear that will help them feel the part when taking part in their newfound passion. 


Fighting Against Lockdown Eating


Another driver for encouraging people to be more active is the fact that lockdown changed eating habits for many of us. With us confined to our home for many more hours than we were used to, a lot of us found ourselves snacking more. In addition, people treated themselves to more sweet things as a reward for getting through some of the strangest times in living memory, and a number of those who had more time on their hands than previously began baking to fill the day.


People reported that they had put on weight and lost fitness, and now there is a bit more freedom, these people are looking for ways to shift the extra pounds. This means they will be in the market for sporting goods and clothing to help them in this process.


Where to Find Sports Mannequins For Sale


If this has inspired you to create an eye-catching sports mannequin display, then you can find sports mannequins for sale at the Retail Factory. Contact us today to talk about your needs and we will do everything we can to help you create the perfect exhibit to entice newfound exercise lovers to your shop.


We have a range of athletic mannequins for sale, encompassing all manner of different sports and activities so you can tailor your display to the stock that you carry. See the Sports Mannequins section for more details right now. 

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