The Retail Factory Can Supply Business PPE During the Covid-19 Outbreak - Find Out More

The Retail Factory Can Supply Business PPE During the Covid-19 Outbreak - Find Out More
Although many people are self isolating, working from home or have had to shut down their businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak, some companies are still trading. If your retail outlet is open at this difficult time, you will want to be sure that you can maximise the safety of your staff and customers. With that in mind, The Retail Factory can supply business PPE during the Covid-19 outbreak, providing you with some peace of mind during your opening hours. Keep reading to find out what types of PPE for business we can supply to you, wherever you are in the UK. Our delivery partners continue to function throughout the coronavirus shutdown, meaning we are here and ready to help supply you with business PPE. With such high demand, we will endeavour to respond to email and phone enquiries as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, call 0333 016 4118 or use the Enquire page. PPE For Businesses - Surgical Face Masks Surgical face masks are helpful in the battle against the spread of Covid-19 in that they protect those that come into contact with the wearer from infective agents including the particles that can be emitted through coughing. Kitting out your employees with these masks can help contain the virus if one of them is suffering from it but is yet to develop symptoms. It also reassures customers debating whether to come into your shop that you are putting in place measures to look after them while they shop with you. These important pieces of PPE for business come in packets of 50 single-use surgical face masks. You can find a guide to the correct way to wear a face mask at the Virus Protection page of our website. Business PPE - Checkout Sneeze Guard Another business PPE essential is a checkout sneeze guard. These acrylic screens stand between customer and employee at the till in your retail store, protecting both from inhaling potentially damaging particles from the other. They are transparent so both parties can see each other throughout the transaction, but give peace of mind to both parties. At a time of minimal human contact for the vast majority, this is the perfect way for your employees to bond with shoppers through eye contact without risking the health of either party. Even after the coronavirus outbreak is over, shoppers will be cautious when it comes to venturing into busy areas and interacting at close quarters with other people. Installing a checkout sneeze guard will show your customers that you have their best interests at heart. Our business PPE checkout sneeze guard is 700mm tall and 659mm wide, with a small opening for you to perform the transaction through. Visit the sneeze guard page for full details and to order. Hand Sanitiser PPE for Business Since before lockdown, the public has shown a keen interest in snapping up hand sanitiser in droves. This has led to shortages on the shelves at supermarkets. If you have had trouble purchasing hand sanitiser for your business premises, in order to be used by your employees or customers, The Retail Factory is here to help. Our non-alcoholic antibacterial hand gel kills 99.9% of germs and lasts for up to four hours. It doesn’t dry the skin once applied, meaning it won’t distract your staff and cause them discomfort. It is recommended that you use a pea-sized amount, meaning that the 250ml bottles of hand sanitiser last for a long time. There is a minimum order of five bottles for this business PPE item. Other Ways to Protect Customers and Staff During the Covid-19 Outbreak You can also find other items to help protect staff and customers alike during the Covid-19 outbreak. Barrier posts and barrier ropes can create a safe queueing system that helps shoppers maintain a suitable distance from others at all times. Given the social distancing guidelines to remain at least two metres apart from anyone outside of your household, it is important to manage queues within the store. We also stock ticket dispensers so you can call customers up when ready and digital queuing system screens to show them where they should go to pay in the safest manner possible. Contact us today to talk about the business PPE we have available to help you through these challenging times for the retail industry.

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