The Benefits of Using Clothes Rails for Shop Displays During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Benefits of Using Clothes Rails for Shop Displays During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although most shops have now reopened to the public, the high street experience is still a long way from being normal. Shoppers are still cautious about spending time in enclosed retail outlets due to the coronavirus pandemic and staff members are also concerned about their safety, spending so much time around members of the public. However, clothes rails could be the answer to some of the safety issues thrown up by Covid-19. It sounds strange, but there are a number of benefits of using clothes rails for shop displays in these strange times.


From managing the way shoppers work their way through your store to cutting down on unnecessary interactions on the shopfloor, hanging clothes rails can make your outlet safer and increase the confidence your customers have in visiting your premises. Garment rails are handy for both the perception and reality of Covid security within high street shops.


Fewer Unnecessary Interactions on the Shop Floor


Displaying items on a clothes rail allows you to place more stock out on the floor. While you can only fit so many garments on a shelf, rails offer more space to show off a wide range of sizes at any one time. This means there is more chance of a shopper finding their size without having to interact with a member of staff. At a time of a viral pandemic, people want to keep their face-to-face time with strangers to a minimum, so skipping this step will be very welcome and will encourage them to come back in the future.


Another advantage of having more stock out is that there is less call for having staff members out on the floor replenishing the displays. Especially in smaller stalls, staff being in customer areas too often causes social distancing issues and might put off potential customers before they enter the shop. The less that staff and customers have to come into contact, the better for staying safe. Of course, it is impossible for staff to stay away from the shop floor during opening hours, but the more stock on display, the less time they have to be out there, and clothes rails are a key element in making this possible.


Easier to See Available Sizes Without Touching


Another issue with shopping in the Covid-19 age is the need to avoid touching too many products that you don’t intend to buy. Of course, clothes shopping is a tactile experience and sometimes a beautiful looking garment might just not feel right, but you don’t know until you get close to it. However, if there is a way to cut down the number of garments that a customer touches, that is only a positive for health and safety in your store.


The advantage that a clothes rail brings is that it is very easy to see which sizes are available by checking the size cubes on the hangers. This means that the customer can see if their size is available before finding out what the material feels like. If their size isn’t there, there is no need to touch the garments at all.


When you display items on a shelf, it is less easy to quickly look through the availlable sizes, so customers have to rifle through them to find the correct fit for them. Clothes rails help you avoid this issue.


Better Idea of How Looks Without Having to Unfold and Refold


When clothes are displayed on a shelf, it makes it more difficult to visualise how it will look when worn. Even if you use a mannequin alongside the stock, people want to know how their size looks in the flesh. This means that they have to unfold the garment, hold it up and refold it before putting it back. Once again, having multiple customers handling products during the coronavirus pandemic is not advisable, so you need a solution.


Thankfully, clothes rails provide the perfect opportunity to see the garment at full length before deciding on whether to make a purchase. It gives you a much better impression of how it will look with far less contact between customer and clothing item. This also means that there is less call for staff members to have to come along and tidy up the display as it is much easier for a shopper to return a hangered item to the garment rail neatly than it is for them them fold it up in the same manner as the other stock and return it tidily to the display.                


Clothes Rails Form Part of a One Way System


Aside from their primary purpose of displaying items in your shop, clothes rails also have another use when it comes to helping you become Covid secure. It is important to have a one-way system in place to guide your customers around the shop in a manner that does not require them to have to pass other shoppers. Having clothes rails marking out this one way system keeps them moving in the direction you want them to go, allowing them to browse your stock as they do.


Adjustability of Garment Rails


The adjustability of some garment rails also helps with this task. You can make them wider or more narrow to create the perfect flow around your premises, but you can also make some clothes rails taller, which prevents customers coming face-to-face over the top of a rail from either side.


This is another way of instilling confidence in nervous shoppers that shows you have done all you can to keep them safe and prevent them getting into situations that might concern them while in your outlet. If a customer sees that you have put into place these measures, it tells them that you have their best interests at heart.


If you want any help buying clothes rails for your shop display, talk to The Retail Factory today. We use our years of experience to advise you about the best clothes rails solutions for your individual situation.   


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