Random Acts of Kindness to Make Your Small Business Customers Smile

Random Acts of Kindness to Make Your Small Business Customers Smile

Random Acts of Kindness Day is over, but the whole point of random acts of kindness is that they are not tied to one day - they happen when you least expect them! A random act of kindness puts a smile on someone’s face and can often make their day. This is why you should think about incorporating some random acts of kindness into your small business strategy.


Here are some suggestions for random acts of kindness to make your customers smile and to keep your brand front and centre of their mind for as long as possible.


Offer Surprise Discounts 


As a small business, you can make snap decisions to keep your customers happy on the spur of the moment. Whereas big companies need to go through focus groups, planning meetings and all manner of red tape, you can send out surprise discounts whenever you like. It is a great way to get someone who is only an occasional customer to spend with you again, or to reward a regular shopper for their loyalty.


Send a Handwritten Thank You Note


Another advantage of being a small business is that you can own the personal touches that mean so much to people. We very rarely receive any handwritten correspondence nowadays, so when we do, it is a special event. If you have a big order come in, ship it with a note of thanks added into the packaging to make the recipient smile when they unpack the goods.


People will never tire of being thanked for shopping with companies and it is another way to make sure they remember you next time they want to put an order in.


Leave Positive Reviews for Other Businesses


So many purchasing decisions today are made based on the opinion of other shoppers online. With that in mind, make sure you leave glowing reviews for other businesses in town. This provides your customers with great recommendations for other places to shop, but it also helps foster a sense of community between you and the other small business owners in the vicinity.


Even though we all know how powerful a good review is and we try our hardest to encourage our customers to leave us reviews, how often do you actually do it yourself? Make the change and ensure you give those in the same boat the online love they deserve.


Donate Unused Supplies or Inventory to Charity


Don’t throw away the supplies you no longer use and the inventory that is left over from a previous season. Not only should we be more conscious of reducing waste, but there are many causes that would gratefully receive it. Find an appropriate charity and donate items that they can use for admin, day to day duties or to sell on and raise funds.


You get to declutter and support a worthy cause at the same time.


Dedicate a Day to Donating


To help charitable organisations on a bigger scale, you can even involve your customers and give them that same sense of satisfaction. Organise a day at your small business premises for customers to come in and donate the items they want to go to charity, and then transport the goods over at the end of the day.


It is a great way to bring together the community, create a special atmosphere and make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.


Entertain the Children


Customers with children can slip through your fingers if the young ones become restless before they reach the till. Make sure that you provide some entertainment for kids to buy their parents the time they need to browse and buy.


Leaving some toys, books or colouring materials out is a random act of kindness that helps distract the children and give the mum or dad the rest that need to concentrate on the important task of shopping.


Teach New Skills to Your Customers


Putting on a special event where you teach your customers a new skill that is relevant to your business is a great added bonus for them for shopping at a small business. They are obviously already interested in what you do, so invite them to come back in order to further their interests.


This is added value for the shopper and also helps you out, because you get them back through the door and stand a chance of earning some repeat business along the line.


If you run a florist, you might teach flower arranging, a coffee shop could lay on a barista skills tutorial, a clothes shop might offer expert stylist advice. You could even hire an expert as a loss leader to further encourage your customers to attend your extra event.


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