How Your Christmas Point of Sale Displays Can Supercharge Your Festive Period

How Your Christmas Point of Sale Displays Can Supercharge Your Festive Period

This is where your Christmas point of sale displays come to the fore. Getting it right could supercharge your takings over Yuletide and ensure a very happy new year.


With everyone in retail hoping for a bumper Christmas, the competition is fierce. That is why we have put together a few top tips for perfecting those festive POS displays to give you the best chance of capturing the attention of the shoppers who come through your doors in the run up to the big day.


Don’t forget that you can rely on The Retail Factory to supply you with all the point of sale materials you need for the forthcoming Christmas rush and that every client receives a personal account manager who is always available to chat face to face, on the phone or over email.


Push the Product You Want to Sell Most


It seems obvious, but if you have a product or service that you are extremely proud of and that you think people will love, make a song and dance about it. Use your point of sale display to bring it to people’s attention as they make their purchases.


Christmas shoppers are ready and willing to spend, and many want to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible to escape the rush. If they see something that fits the bill as a perfect Christmas present for someone else on their list, they may just make that impulse purchase. Ensure the display looks great and enticing, and really show off whatever it is that you want to promote. It is a great way to upsell customers and to push those star items.


As well as making sure the point of sale display looks on point, back this up by getting your staff to engage with buyers about the product. If you don’t want to look pushy, at least fully brief staff on it so that they can field any questions thrown up by customers seeing the POS displays and wanting to find out more.


Display Vital Information to Create Return Customers


Christmas means that more shoppers are out on the streets than at any other time during the year. Therefore, it stands to reason that some of them are visiting your premises for the first time in 12 months, if not ever. However, you do have a golden opportunity to create more regular return customers from these seasonal shoppers.


Use your POS displays to inform them about future events or product lines. While they are spending their cash on Christmas presents for others, they might also relish the chance to splash out on themselves once the tinsel has come down.


You need to always work ahead in retail, and there is no rest after the festivities calm down. Give people a reason to come back when they are less hassled and stressed. Perhaps they only visit the high street in December. In which case, the pre-Christmas rush is the perfect place to show them that there is life in store beyond the final strains of Auld Lang Syne.


It could be a VIP shopping experience, a product demonstration, a talk by someone relevant to the products you sell. You might want to advertise the next season’s range or lay on a networking evening. The options are endless and they can all be communicated to a captive audience through your Christmas point of sale displays.


Offer Sampling Opportunities to Customers


Another way to tempt shoppers who are ready to spend is to let them sample the product you are promoting. Showing off the item, letting customers use it, taste it if it is edible, and learn more about it increases product awareness and catches them at just the right time to make it an easier sell.


A study by the International Journal of Applied Research found that 74% of those included in the report were seen to make impulse purchases of products that they had sampled in store. Keeping these items at your point of sale and encouraging shoppers to interact with them and use them is a highly effective way of upselling.


The beauty of this POS approach is that it is cheap but very effective. You have a captive audience who are inclined to part with their cash, so make sure you use your point of sale displays to entice them to try something that they may not have intended to even look at. With so many messages flying around at this time of year and so many products to consider, sampling allows the customer to make a personal connection with the item you want to sell.


Make Your Christmas Point of Sale Displays Stand Out


Finally, it is important that your Christmas point of sale displays stand out, are bold and clear. You need to get the message across that you are the shop that can solve all of their festive dilemmas, and that means consistency in the design of your display. The Retail Factory has a wide selection of retail display counters and showcases, as well as slatwall, gridwall and twin slot too. However you want to show off your promotions, we have a display solution to suit you.


The beauty of working with us is that we are always around to discuss your needs. You won’t find yourself banging your head against the table, attempting to communicate with a chatbot. You can tell us what you need and we can advise you on the best course of action, gleaned from our years of experience in the industry.


Contact us today on 0333 016 4513 to talk about your Christmas point of sale displays.   

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