How to Make an Impact With Your Pop-Up Shop

How to Make an Impact With Your Pop-Up Shop

Whatever your reasons for opting for a pop-up shop rather than permanent premises, you need to make an instant impact. You have a limited time to woo shoppers and encourage them to buy in to your brand. Thankfully, with the help of some quality shopfittings you can create a permanent look for your temporary store and impress those customers who come through your doors during your pop-up.


What is a Pop-Up Shop?


A pop-up shop, also known as temporary retailing or flash retailing, is a limited-time retail opportunity for a brand. It could be within disused premises, in a section of someone else’s shop or in a public building. Essentially, the business owner sets up their stock for an amount of time, usually between a few days and a few months, allowing them to trade in physical premises, but without the commitment to a long-term rent on premises.


They can be used to allow online businesses to dip a toe into the high street water, to launch a new product, to raise awareness of and publicity for the brand, or many other reasons. If you are looking to test a new market to see if your business might thrive there, organising a pop-up shop is a cost-effective way of seeing how the land lies.


Around a third of UK businesses began as pop-up stores and the industry is worth a staggering £2.3 billion per year. However, because there is always an end to the retailing period in sight, you might not want to splash out too heavily on shopfittings, even though you need the pop-up to really stand out. That is why we have put together some hints and tips to help you make an impact with your pop-up shop without breaking the bank.


Mannequin Hire For Pop-Up Shops


Mannequin hire for pop-up shops makes sense. Rather than spending your precious cash on a range of mannequins, you can simply hire them for the duration of your pop-up store. You might be able to afford to hire much better quality mannequins than you would be able to buy, and you don’t have to worry about where to store them after the pop-up closes.


Retail display mannequins are an essential piece of kit for clothing and sports retailers, allowing your customers to see the garments and accessories on sale in three dimensions, as they would be worn in real life. They can create eye-catching visuals on the shopfloor and you can use them to upsell customers to buy the shoes, bags, belts and more that you match with the main garment on the dummy.


When you use The Retail Factory’s mannequin hire service, you decide which dummies you want and we deliver them to you when you need them. We can offer next day deliver if you need it; simply ask when you place your order. At the end of your pop-up store, package the hired mannequins and we will come to collect them. Our mannequin hire service for retailers takes the hassle out of the process for all concerned and allows you to develop some effective displays for your pop-up shop.


Pop-Up Shop Garment Rails


Fashion pop-up shops can pick from a selection of different garment rails to show off the items they have on sale. Although you want your pop-up store to look permanent, even though it is temporary, you might not have permission to drill into walls in order to attach fittings. This makes freestanding garment rails all the more important.


The pop-up shop garment rails you choose allow you to show your stock in full length without having to make any changes to the building in which you are running your temporary store. They can also be used to create the customer flow around the premises, leading shoppers around the floor to the items you most want them to see.


To help increase the amount of stock you have out, which is important if there is little storage, you can add a centre bar to a tall garment rail, creating a double decker effect. This means you have double the items out on display and don’t have to worry about where to keep them until they are needed.


Clothes rail display stands with sloping arms are also another powerful display tool for pop-up shops. The arms are usually adjustable, meaning you can extend them or shorten them depending on the available space. This also means that they will fit in with your display, even if you run multiple pop-up shops across the year in premises of differing sizes.


Slatwall Units for Pop-Up Stores


If you are only in a space for a short amount of time, it is understandable that a landlord will not want you to make major alterations to the walls. This means you might not be able to display items around the perimeter of the shop as you might like. In this case, a freestanding slatwall tower unit or gondola could be pushed against the wall and items attached using Eurohooks, baskets and other slatwall accessories.


These units are versatile and can be easily adjusted for different sized products, making them ideal for use as part of a pop-up shop. They add another element to your display and can be moved around without damaging or disturbing the fixtures and fittings of the space in which you set up your pop-up shop.


To find out more about any of the items discussed in this article, call us today on 0333 016 4318 and our experienced team can help you with any queries you may have. They can guide you through mannequin hire, as well as our Source, Store, Deliver service, whereby we create a custom package of display units and other shopfitting items to help you make an impact with your pop-up shop.

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