How To Improve Shopfitting in TV’s Most Famous Shops

How To Improve Shopfitting in TV’s Most Famous Shops

If you work in retail, the chances are that when you watch TV shows set in shops, you pay closer attention to the shopfitting that acts as a backdrop to the action in front of it! You can’t help but take a professional interest, just like police officers and teachers scrutinise shows about their jobs too. So for a bit of fun, here are some tips to improve the shopfitting in TV’s most famous shops.


If you have a shop and want it to look great, attract customers and encourage them to spend money, talk to The Retail Factory today. Our friendly staff will use our years of experience to guide you towards the best retail items for you and your shop. If you are a TV set dresser, we can provide the same service too, so don’t be shy!


The Kabin in Coronation Street


The Kabin in Coronation Street has always been at the heart of both the community and the action. Rita is the most famous owner of the establishment, but today (following a brief time in the hands of Vic Reeves as Colin) it is Brian’s domain. But could it work better for him with a bit of a rejig?


The window display of the Kabin has always been a major disappointment. It is generally cluttered with soft toys and board games, which frankly look a mess. Furthermore, it can’t be very successful as an advert for the shop because we have never seen anyone coming back through the doors happily clutching a pink, fluffy teddy bear.


There doesn’t seem to be any order to the window display, so we would suggest booking in The Retail Factory’s bespoke display cabinet service. We design, manage and oversee every aspect of the refit, meaning you don’t need to waste time looking for various suppliers and contractors. Let us do the hard work and we can create a window display that is ordered, neat and shows off the products that are actually likely to sell to the residents of Coronation Street. 


Grace Brothers in Are You Being Served?


Admittedly, Are You Being Served finished its television run in 1985, so it would be a surprise if the layout of Grace Brothers couldn’t be updated, but let’s look into it anyway.


One thing you notice from watching old episodes of the show is how much stuff in the shop is displayed low to the ground. It is generally agreed that placing top products in the eyeline of customers is a great way to get them noticed, but the Grace Brothers staff seem to enjoy showing off hats and the like in floor-standing cases that require the shopper to squat down in order to scrutinise.


The hats in the store would be better placed in a tall aluminium showcase with halogen lamps to really catch the eye of their customers. Alternatively, The Retail Factory has a selection of millinery display items to improve shopfitting in Grace Brothers. They could opt for a floor mounted five tier millinery stand to show off their headgear, or add some slatwall or gridwall and attach display hooks or millinery arms to give shoppers and better view of their products. 


Black Books


Black Books was a sitcom following the lives of grouchy book shop owner Bernard Black, assistant Manny and Fran, who runs the business next door. Fans of tidiness and order are advised to steel themselves before watching this programme, as Bernard’s approach to display is very much straight from the ‘just pile it up and hope for the best’ school.


All of the books are loosely thrown on shelves of drab bookcases, all of which look the same and are spread around the room. Occasionally, there is a feature stand promoting some newly released literary work or other, but Black Books could really do with a little more variety.


They could install slatwall and add in slatwall shelves to their displays. This would allow them to mix things up a little. Mind you, although the displays could be majorly transformed to become much more alluring, the customer service is likely to remain as terse as ever. Unfortunately, we cannot help with that! We are here to improve shopfitting in shops across the land.


Open All Hours


One of the standout pieces of shopfitting in the classic Ronnie Barker sitcom Open All Hours is the dreaded till. Without fail, it springs out at Arkwright, almost taking his hand off in the most famous running joke of the series. If we were to look into helping the curmudgeonly shopkeeper, we would probably start there.


At The Retail Factory, we could supply a brand new Sharp XE-A107 cash register to replace this Health and Safety nightmare. It could also automatically calculate the tax on sales, deliver a sales report and lock to keep his cash safe. We are also the people to come to for till roll.


Want to Improve Shopfitting?


Give The Retail Factory a call to talk through your shopfitting requirements with us. Whether you want to take advantage of our Source, Store, Deliver package, where we create a unique order to meet your exact needs and then hold it until you want it delivered, or you opt for the bespoke shop refit, where we manage the job for you, we have an option that works for you.







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