Garment Rails or Display Units - Which is Best for Your Retail Business?

Garment Rails or Display Units - Which is Best for Your Retail Business?

When setting up a retail business, you have a number of choices to make when it comes to displaying your stock. You might consider using garment rails in your store, display units or a mixture of both. Your decision depends entirely on what you want to achieve with your display, and reading this article can help you decide how best to present your products to your customers.


If you are just starting out and need to kit out a whole shop, are redesigning the look of your current premises or maybe launching a pop-up shop, our Source, Store, Deliver service is perfect for you. We help you put together a tailored order of all the retail items you need, including garment rails and display units, to suit your exact requirements. We then store your pallet of items until you are ready for shopfitting and we deliver it to wherever you are in the UK.


Once you have decided on the mix of garment rails and display units you need, you are ready to go. Keep reading for help making that decision.


Benefits of Garment Rails


Garment rails allow you to show more of the product on offer to the customer. As they wander around your shop, they can see clothes hanging from garment rails in a vertical position, offering a full length view. If the item captures their attention, it is then easy to browse through and find the correct size by moving the other sized items forwards or backwards on the clothes rail.


This makes everything as simple as possible for customers, who want to easily see what they’re buying and whether it is in their size without fuss. The problem with displaying clothes folded up on units is that once the customer has unfolded them to fully see them, they have to fold them back down to put them back if they don’t want to buy them. Some customers feel awkward doing this and may not bother unfolding the items in the first place, losing you a potential sale. Other customers might unfold the garments but not put them back in the manner they were first displayed, meaning you have to spend a lot of time readjusting your display. Garment rails cut down these issues.


Another bonus of garment rails is that you can easily place complementary items next to each other and upsell the customer. You could locate a blouse by some trousers that would complete a great outfit to help shoppers decide on their purchases.


Benefits of Display Units


Using display units to present clothes to customers can look classic and neat, as well as proving particularly efficient when it comes to use of space. You can simply get more product out on the shopfloor when the garments are folded up tidily on the shelves of the display unit. This means there is always a good range of sizes so that shoppers can find exactly what they need without having to ask.


When used in conjunction with a mannequin or half mannequin, this is a popular form of shop display. Simply dress the mannequin in the items you want to promote and then use a display unit next to the mannequin to hold the products. The downsides of them having to unfold individual items to have a closer look, and potentially refold them if they are not right, can be balanced by the space that you can save by using display units rather than clothes rails.


Display units can be more versatile than garment rails, being able to hold a larger range of different products. You can also customise them with shelves and other accessories depending on the products you want to promote.


Making a Decision Between Garment Rails and Display Units


In the end, whether you opt for garment rails or display units depends on your brand and the space that you have in store. If you have the room, then garment rails are fuss-free methods of showing of clothing items. The customer can see exactly what they are buying without having to go to any effort. Inspecting items is a breeze and there is no need to worry for them when it comes to refolding garments. It is also less maintenance for staff trying to keep the shopfloor neat.


If you are struggling for space, you might want to look at a display unit instead. They take up less room and can still look good. The major downside is that many customers do not like to disrupt neatly folded piles of clothes for fear of ruining the look.


A great compromise is to have a mixture of displays, some with garment rails and some with display units. This keeps the displays interesting for the customer, as a whole shopfloor of uniform displays might look a little dull. If you want to introduce a bit of variety into the look of your shop, a combination of garment rails and display units works well for retail businesses.


Help With Buying Garment Rails and Display Units


For help buying garment rails and display units, talk to the friendly team at The Retail Factory. We have a huge amount of experience in all areas of retail and we can talk you through your options. Every customer is designated an account manager who is on hand to provide answers for any questions you might have. We believe it is hugely important to offer the personal touch to our clients, helping you avoid the frustration of trying to sort out urgent business issues with a chatbot. Call us today on 0333 016 451 to kit out your retail space today.


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