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During the year 2000 over 48 million inkjet and over seven million laser toner cartridges were consumed in the United Kingdom - this equates to 26 million litres of fossil fuel (oil) consumed in their manufacture.
It has been calculated that 85 per cent of these cartridges were disposed of in a landfill sites, contributing to millions of tonnes of plastic and metal waste that will stay in the ground forever.

This major environmental issue is increasing due to the huge growth in non-impact printing throughout the developed world and it is estimated that by 2008 the annual consumption will rise to almost 100 million in the UK alone.

For every one per cent improvement in cartridge collection in the UK over 260,000 litres of non-renewable fossil fuel (oil) will be saved as well as the corresponding reduction in landfill. Here at The Retail Factory we believe that looking after the environment is of great importance and we ask for your help in putting an end to this unnecessary drain on the earth’s natural resources.

The Retail Factory is dedicated to helping you recycle your printer cartridges and provides its recycling service free of charge to all customers. Just call 0800 022 3237 (Open Monday to Friday 8:45 am till 5:00 pm) and we’ll send you a free cartridge recycling bin which we will collect once full and recycle in an aim to give a little bit back to our environment.

By using this free service, you are helping to:
1.    Reduce the amount of waste consigned to landfill sites around the country.
2.    Generate funds for good causes throughout the UK, based on the value of empty printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones.
3.    Increase supply of raw materials to recycling companies, generating thousands of jobs throughout the industry.
4.    Ensure the good supply of replacement printed cartridges that provide a lower cost alternative to original printer supplies.
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